Medication Reviews and Associated Services

CPS is the leading provider of medication review and related services in Tasmania and currently provides services to almost 50 facilities in Tasmania and Western Australia.
Our team of specialist pharmacists provides consistently high quality, relevant services to residents in aged care facilities and in the wider community.

Medication Reviews in Aged Care Facilities (RMMRs)

Medication reviews for residents in aged care (RMMRs) are fully funded by the Federal Government. CPS is an approved provider of RMMRs in Australia and members of our team have been involved in reviewing medications in aged care facilities and hospitals for over 20 years.

RMMRs involve a comprehensive review of each resident's medications in combination with their existing signs, symptoms and clinical status. A report making recommendations for the management of any medication related issues is prepared and sent to both the facility and the patient's General Practitioner (GP). CPS actively involves GPs in the RMMR service and the almost all of the services are provided in a collaborative manner.

Quality Use of Medicine (QUM) Activities

QUM activities are intended to improve the use of medications on a facility-wide basis, rather than focussing on specific residents. There activities include participation in Medication Advisory Committees and providing advice on the development of protocols for the handling, storage and clinical use of the wide variety of medications available. 

Education Programs

CPS has been providing face-to-face education to nursing staff for many years. In response to requests from the facilities we service, we have developed an online educational program of different modules for nurses and others for aged care workers. These modules address common medications used in aged care and are targetted at the needs of nurses working in the area, or aged care workers administering medications.

The innovative, web-based flexible delivery of the education allows nurses to access the education at a time convenient to them. The high degree of relevance to the aged care sector makes this a suitable tool ofr assisting nurses to maitain competence for National Accreditation.

Clinical On-Call Service

CPS provides an on call service for facilities that it services. This allows senior nursing staff to contact one of three accredited pharmacists to investigate and then provide recommendations to resolve any urgent medication-related clinical issues.

Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs)

Medication reviews are also funded by the Federal Government for people in the community. Patients taking multiple medications or who have chronic illnesses are eligible and a referral is required from the person's GP to the pharmacy of the person's choice. CPS the leading provider of HMRs in Tasmania.

An HMR involves a detailed discussion between the pharmacist and the consumer that focusses on the effectiveness and any issues related to their medications. Any potential problems are minimised or resolved either immediately or following the provision of recommendations the consumer's GP. 

CPS has developed an information sheet for consumers, GPs and pharmacies concerning HMRs. If you would like further information about HMRs, want to know how to arrange an HMR, or want help to make HMRs a part of your professional service provision (GPs or pharmacists), please download the relevant sheets.

  • CPS Information on HMRs for Consumers (coming soon)
  • CPS Information on HMRs for Pharmacies (coming soon)
  • CPS Information on HMRs for GPs (coming soon)